Client Love

'Kelly has allowed me to break through my comfort zones. Through her warm yet tough approach, she allowed me to see my true potential. When she taught me how to change my mentality and vibrational energy, I was amazed by how well this concept worked. A month later, I started to get clients for my side business, and quit my 9 to 5 job. Thank you, Kelly!'

-Tony Moze,


'Kelly Dawn's Tarot Reading was so insightful and included way more detail than I expected! I was blown away by the wisdom in her words and how well she connected to the truth of the matter. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I will definitely be doing this again! (Also the candles in the shop are to LIVE for)'

-Ellen Coule,


'I had an incredible session with Kelly this week. A combination reading, healing, coaching, giggle love power lovefest. She helped me break up some crap and gave me real, raw no bs magic to help me learn to surrender and trust. Not the stuff we all read in books and don't implement :).....She has continued supporting me throughout the week, holding me accountable to my commitment to myself, giving me boost and love and wisdom to stay my course...Thank you Kelly I love you.'

-Shari Teigman,


'Working as a healer has great benefits, but I was going through a period where I was feeling blocked in my business. While I was helping my clients get results, I totally felt stuck myself.  New clients were slow coming in, and I began doubting my work.

Working with Kelly helped me uncover old hurts from many years ago that I was holding onto. They were no use to me, and while I thought they were in the distant past, they were still hanging around haunting me.

After our session, Kelly provided me with things to do to release this stuff and see things from a new perspective. I was giving my past way too much power -  it had taken over my day to day life.

A day or so after beginning our work together, my career looked much more promising and I actually went out in person to meet potential clients and was surprised at how receptive they were to my work.'

-C.K. , London


'Hola Kelly!  Thank you so much. The information you shared about my brand and ways to attract my targeted audience was so on point. Not only did I identify my services, but I'm also in the process of working with others to formulate some ideas. This is of course as a result of our call. Thank you so much. You are always on point!'

-Tijuana Cooper, NYC


'YOU are amazing!! My world has been ROCKED or better stated REVAMPED because of you Kelly, and I have had only one AMAZEBALLS call with you so far! Keep it up!! You have a cool, fun, REAL way from taking people from existing to LIVING a wicked fantastic life again!!! THANK YOU!!'

-Jacquelyn Mack,


'Can I just say that Kelly Dawn might be the best "good witch" ever? I prefer to call her my sorceress of success. I read her article about attracting money, followed some tips, and yesterday alone had a friend try to hire me, a millionaire personally call me to arrange a deal, and am in talks with a major neutropic company about ads. Thank you Kelly!'

-Dr. Rob Garcia, CEO of Blue Dragon Enterprises, SHIFT Magazine and 8 time author


'I’ve followed Kelly for some time now and I saw her offer for an energy clearing and connected with her to receive one. At the time I contacted Kelly, I was feeling overwhelmed and felt a lot of blockage in my throat chakra. This had been happening for some time and I was having trouble clearing it on my own.

Kelly notified me that she would be doing the clearing during the early morning hours and she would send me the results in the morning. She was spot on.

I had been struggling with my business feeling like I wasn’t sending the right messages or my old beliefs haven’t been cleared. After receiving confirmation and doing the activities she asked me to do, I felt light. I could feel a radical energy shift in my body to the point where I no longer wanted certain types of food. Since then, I’ve felt amazing and I’m zooming along in my business with crystal clear clarity. I cannot thank Kelly enough.'

-Jackie Fernandes, ​


'Kelly was amazing to work with! She helped to clear my blocked chakras, something I had been trying to do myself for ever and was struggling with bad. I immediately felt a huge difference after she had cleared them. I felt lighter and brighter and I am so glad I had her do her magic on me! Thank you Kelly!'

-Rachel Vdolek


' were able to validate what I know to be true and help me clarify the inner work needed to create what I desire.Thank you!'

-Amanda Spanbauer


'Kelly is very smart, caring and gives sound advice.  Kelly has  given me the tools to see my self worth, and develop more of a back bone. I always did like myself before, but because of Kelly, I value myself too. You really are a star Kelly.'

-Peter Taylor, Ontario


'I loved working with Kelly and would recommend her highly to anyone. She is very focused on her clients and wants the very best for them. Kelly is kind, caring and fun and she will help you take action and get closer to your goals.'

-Di Annesley,