Intuitive Biz Breakthrough sessions combine mindset and business coaching with insight from the tarot. They’re designed to help you identify what’s been holding you back from gaining clarity in your business, reaching your next level, or manifesting soulmate clients and expansive business opportunities.  

These sessions will help you break through the energetic and mindset barriers that have been keeping you stuck by identifying underlying patterns, and give you intuitive insight and guidance to help you move forward. 

These are ideal if you're a soulful entrepreneur who needs help with the following...

  • getting clear on your vision, message and mission
  • gaining clarity around who you want to work with and designing packages and services
  • creating and sharing content to get your message out into the world
  • overcoming fear and resistance around getting visible online
  • creating success rituals to help you stay consistent in your business and aligned with your goals
  • owning your power as a co-creator with the Universe and manifesting your life and business with intention
  • moving through fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm

How it works:

After you purchase your session, I’ll email you to book your 60min call along with a few questions around what’s going on in your business and what you’d like help with.

Before our call together, I’ll do a tarot spread specific to your needs ( I may also connect with your guides/Spirit directly to bring you any messages).

During your session we’ll discuss what came up in your reading, how the messages can be used to help you move forward in your business, and create an action plan to map out your next steps.

Investment: $250 CAD (which is about $200 USD)




**Please note, these are not “fortune telling” sessions. I believe as co-creators with the Universe we create our own reality based on our thoughts, beliefs, and the actions we take. While an intuitive reading can give you insight into a situation, the outcome is determined by you. Before making your purchase, please read, understand and agree to the terms and disclaimer.